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Photography: Interesting vs. Pretty

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 21, 2010

I’m facing a dilemma with Project 365 — sometimes I have nothing I want to post (mostcommon occurrence) and sometimes I have too much. This is about the second problem. If I have more than one photo to choose from, should I choose something interesting or something pretty?

This sepia photo of a vine growing on a rusty piece of fence is an example of “pretty.” The paint was peeling and the metal had rusted, so it had nice textures. I turned it sepia with Picasa and it looks like everyone else’s sepia shot of a vine on a rusty fence. This is the one I chose for Project 365


I think the massage photo is a more interesting picture because it invites questions, like, why are there only men in this photo? Why are they all getting a massage in what a corporate building? The electrical cupboard vent in the background is a giveaway. (The metal sculpture, incidentally, was done by the Yohanan Black, a local silversmith and Judaica maker who used to own the flat we now live in, and someone else. Yohanan found a way to colour silver, although I’m not sure whether this sculpture is silver.)

The massages were part of a Nestea promo at work. They set up a table in the foyer with free bottles of Nestea. Three masseurs in Nestea shirts worked on the other side of the foyer. Two of the three men are wearing kippot and would probably not accept a massage from a woman (Orthodox Judaism discourages physical contact with the opposite sex). The man not wearing a kippah is Ethiopian but you can’t really tell from this photo.

Great Place to Work!

The collage below is to mark the end of a work-related project, corporate photos of the marketing department. The man in the large central picture is, appropriately enough, the Head of Product Marketing. He told me I could take four photos and that’s it, so I was very careful to make sure they were all focused. I learned a lot but it wasn’t easy! I’m very glad it’s done.

The attitude of subjects in these photos varied from “I love being photographed!” to “This is a nightmare. Are we done yet?” to “You can take four shots and that’s it.” (I’m not sure why someone who hates being photographed would choose marketing as a career.) The photos were requested by someone in PR at our head office, so that the marketing guys would have photos to provide to journalists when they’re interviewed. A couple were very photogenic and looked good in almost every shot but a couple others needed a lot of coaxing and many, many frames.

Corporate portraits collage


One Response to “Photography: Interesting vs. Pretty”

  1. pam said

    I agree with your decision to go with beauty! I can loose myself in the composition of the fence image and whether or not it inspires a question is not so important. The image does touch my emotions and takes me on a personal journey.

    Bravo for so successfully completing the photo shoot of the marketing team! I keep looking at this collage and thinking, “she really, really did pull this off! This collage looks so professional.”

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