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5 Responses to “Patterns and Tutorials”

  1. Eva Rodriguez said

    Many years ago I studied and have been into bobbin lace. I have noticed that where I live it is very difficult to obtain patterns and instruction for small pieces. Can you inform me of a book that contains all the information I need.

  2. A lot of interesting info about knitting, among other things

  3. Sorry about the previous comment, I thought I was going to post it to my FB site. I always find your blogs very interesting on a large variety of subjects and crafts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dianne Di Domenico said

    Hello from sunny and very hot (120 degrees) Mesa, Arizona. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I began to learn the art of Oya while stationed in Turkey but was unable to continue due to being deployed. Before I left I saw the YouTube presentation of Puncetto Valsesiano. Needless to say I was hooked. I was able to attended a class that helped my Oya skills but I was desperate to find a way to learn this wonderful form of lace making. I found you through the Needle Lace Talk group that I joined. So far my samples are fair but my skill is improving.
    Again thank you for the time that you took to make these tutorials.
    Dianne Di Domenico

  5. Milagro Urbina said

    Hi, may be you are interested in Needlelace: Designs and Techniques, Classic and Contemporary on Catherine Barley’s website. She has a book very nice you can purchase it by internet.

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