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4 Responses to “Patterns and Tutorials”

  1. Eva Rodriguez said

    Many years ago I studied and have been into bobbin lace. I have noticed that where I live it is very difficult to obtain patterns and instruction for small pieces. Can you inform me of a book that contains all the information I need.

  2. A lot of interesting info about knitting, among other things

  3. Sorry about the previous comment, I thought I was going to post it to my FB site. I always find your blogs very interesting on a large variety of subjects and crafts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dianne Di Domenico said

    Hello from sunny and very hot (120 degrees) Mesa, Arizona. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I began to learn the art of Oya while stationed in Turkey but was unable to continue due to being deployed. Before I left I saw the YouTube presentation of Puncetto Valsesiano. Needless to say I was hooked. I was able to attended a class that helped my Oya skills but I was desperate to find a way to learn this wonderful form of lace making. I found you through the Needle Lace Talk group that I joined. So far my samples are fair but my skill is improving.
    Again thank you for the time that you took to make these tutorials.
    Dianne Di Domenico

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