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My Ten Favourite Photos of 2009

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 11, 2010

Good heavens, it’s just dawned on me that we’re in the new year. (In Israel, Jan. 1 is an ordinary work day, so it’s easy to let it slip by.) Borrowing an idea from KT Photowalk and others, I’m posting my ten favourite photos of 2009. It’s been an interesting year, one in which I acquired my first serious (for me, that is) camera and started carrying a camera around with me.

1. Double Rainbow (Feb. 2009) – Lucky shot taken from my balcony one morning with a Canon S5. I had had this camera for about 14 months.

Double Rainbow

2. Purim Bride (Mar. 2009) – Taken with the S5 from a van on my way to work. This little girl just happened to turn her head at that moment, while her mother was simultaneously fussing with her hem and carrying on a cellphone conversation.

Purim Bride

3. Dandelion at sunset (Apr. 2009) – Taken with the S5, lying on the ground outside our apartment building, so that I could get the sun at a good angle. I remember wishing for the clarity of a DSLR. The Canon S5 is a good camera, but it’s still a point and shoot.

Dandelion at sunset

4. “Beyond the Suns” Performance by Pyromania (June 2009) – Taken with a Canon Rebel XSi (450D). Woohoo! At last I could do the low-light photography that I could only dream of with the S5!

"Between the Suns"

5. Globe Thistle (June 2009) – The Rebel let me get shallow depth of field and really sharp details of flowers, especially after I got the 50mm f/1.8 lens (this photo was taken with the 18-55mm kit lens).

Globe Thistle

6. Wolf Spider Reflections (July 2009) – Someone brought in a captured spider in a plastic food storage container.

Spider Reflection Revisited

7. Sunflare (Aug. 2009) – I learned how to photograph sunflares. This photo was taken through the leaves of a succulent plant in a neighbour’s garden.


8. Shrine of the Book (Oct. 2009) – I started experimenting with HDR. I still can’t get over the green tiles under the water.

Dome, Shrine of the Book, Israel Museum (HDR)

9. Free-Lensing (Oct. 2009) – First experiment with free-lensing, where you hold the lens in front of the camera to allow light to leak into the body of the camera.


10. Pampas Grass at Sunset (Nov. 2009) – Someone was trying to fix something on my computer, so I took my camera and shot a few frames in the courtyard of the building where I work.

Pampas grss at sunset


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Sometimes Things Don’t Go as Planned

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 11, 2010


This is what an uncooperative subject looks like. He is number 4 in my series of corporate portraits of marketing guys, taken for work. Fortunately, a few were more presentable than this shot, but his expression pretty much sums up how he felt about having his picture taken.

In all fairness I suppose I should post a picture that did turn out. Hard to believe it’s the same guy.

This shot worked


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Timna Trip – Some People Pictures

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 11, 2010

Someone pointed out to me that I don’t post enough photos of people, so here are some people shots from our department trip to Eilat.

This is one of those things that can only happen in Israel — on the plane, we couldn’t bring water but we could bring guns. (Note: in Israel, organized tours must be accompanied by a certain number of medics and guards. That’s the law.)

Actually, the guns go with the checked luggage. They were bagged, tagged, and stowed at Ben Gurion airport. My friend handed his M16 rifle to the security checker and was asked whether he packed his own bag. Oh, the irony! Here he is claiming his rifle at the end of the flight, in the Eilat airport.

Gun claim at the Eilat airport

A lull in conversation at breakfast. I love Livio’s hat. He’s normally such a conservative dresser.


Masha wasn’t feeling well that day, so she spent the morning chilling out on the boat.


Asher wants to be the first person to have juggled on top of the Timna plateau.

Juggling on the plateau

A good dinner, with plenty of wine and barbecued meat. Dosey didn’t drink all that wine single-handedly but it makes a good photo.

A good dinner


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