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Drawing on the Side

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 22, 2010

I’m still here, slowly recuperating from foot surgery. Although I’m not in pain (at least, not very often), I do find it very tiring to drag myself around on crutches. The hardest journey is always the first one of the day, when it dawns on me that in order to do anything I’ll have to stand up, balance on one foot, and use crutches to get to the bathroom, kitchen, etc. My husband has been hanging around in the mornings to prepare my coffee and breakfast, which is a really big help (ever try making a cup of coffee with milk when you can use only one hand?), but I still have to get through the initial journey from my bed. Anyway, I’m slowly getting stronger and trying to avoid hand blisters.

I finally have enough time to try drawing, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m not one of these people who has been drawing since they could hold a pencil. I’m also not one of those brilliant doodlers who turns boring meeting notes into brilliant works of art or Zentangles. In fact, I hardly ever hold a pen unless forced to do so (shopping lists, for example). It doesn’t feel as natural to me as a needle does. When I was growing up, my mother and sister were the talented artists (oils, watercolours, drawing, and my mother was also a photographer and sculptor); they won awards, had their works exhibited, and so on. I was the baker, lacemaker, embroiderer, and clothes sewer of the family. But I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw because being able to sketch quickly and accurately is important for so many crafts and because it sharpens one’s observational skills.

So I’m picking up a pencil rather late in life. I still have to force myself to draw something and, even more so, to finish, because I get discouraged easily. Here are the first four drawings that I did after I got home from the hospital. I’ve been trying to do one-a-day, although I did miss yesterday. (By the way, my daily photos are still being taken but I never have the energy to get my memory cards and card reader together at the computer in the living room, and I don’t want to download the photos to a borrowed laptop because they’ll have to be transferred eventually to the desktop machine.)

These drawings are all done on A4 size printer paper. Yes, I have sketchbooks. In fact, I’m turning into a collector of lovely unused (or only partially used) art supplies and how-to books. I still have a mental block about “ruining” good supplies while I’m learning, but since one never stops learning, it’s an endless circle.

This is a pencil drawing of a havdalah spice box. I had just finished polishing the silver and I liked the reflections in the shiny surface. Incidentally, the spice box is off-center because it has been dropped so often. That wasn’t a draughting error. 🙂

Havdalah Spicebox Drawing

Pencil drawing of an onion with a loose skin.

Onion Drawing

Pencil drawing of a carved and painted wooden box shaped like a turtle. The shell is actually the lid and lifts off. I bought this box at last year’s Arts & Crafts Festival in Jerusalem.

Carved Turtle Box

Pen-and-ink drawing of a square glass vase with a rose etched on the side.

Etched Glass Vase

I’ve done a few more but I think four is enough to post at a time.

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