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Khutsot haYotser 2013 Round-up

Posted by Avital Pinnick on September 16, 2013


Puppet-maker Gili Marom (above)

Finger-woven sashes and straps from Peru. Although they resemble card-weaving, the sellers said that it’s finger-weaving. It’s also not dense enough to be card-weaving. I suspect the technique is similar to the French-Canadian ceinture fléchée but the Peruvian technique is called “rep braiding.” The weft is diagonal, so it’s not loom-woven.



Embroidered pillows from Hungary:


We always try to go to the concert. The admission fee for Khutsot haYotser is a bit steep if you’re just going to look at the craft booths, but for a regular concert it’s a bargain. Here’s Shalom Hanoch (most of the performers tend to be on the “mature” side).


Matti Caspi, who was performing with Riki Gal. (We really wanted to hear Ehud Banai a couple days later but my husband got sick.)


Whew–finally posted all my Khutsot haYotzer photos! Sorry about the delay.

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Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair 2013: Philippine Mat Weaver

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 9, 2013


This friendly weaver kept urging me to come closer to watch her work. Her hands were moving so quickly that I couldn’t take a decent photo, so I ended up making a video. She said that the small banig she was working on would be a wall hanging. The larger pieces, woven with coarser strands, are floor coverings.


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