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Mall Improvement

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 13, 2009

Yesterday I walked over to the tiny mall near my workplace to buy a new hairbrush. (My son managed to break my relatively new hairbrush by brushing against it so that it fell to the floor and broke in half, which suggest that it wasn’t such a great hairbrush to begin with.) The Park Center is a run-down fleapit. A friend described it as “slummy,” which is accurate. When I walked inside, I snapped three quick shots for a possible HDR picture.

Here’s an ordinary exposure of the mall. Note the cheap, corrugated plastic roof. You can’t see all the pigeon droppings at this distance. This atrium must be one of the most depressing buildings in the entire industrial park during a rain storm because this yellow roof is its only source of light.


Here’s the HDR version. It looks like it would be a pleasure to shop there. Or receive transmissions from outer space.

I don’t think I ever noticed before that the staircase goes higher than the main landing. Next time I will check it out for an overhead shot.

Park Center, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem

Maybe I can get a job with the Ministry of Tourism or local real estate agents. 🙂

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  1. […] light a sickly yellow. In real life the mall is dark, littered with pigeon droppings, and dingy (original photo). The HDR rendering brightens the ceiling and tiles and makes it look […]

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