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Jerusalem Festival of Light 2014: House of Cards

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 18, 2014


Zoom blur of “House of Cards” by OGE (architects Gaston Zahr and Meirav Eitan). If only the dome of the Hurva Synagogue hadn’t had that burnt-out light bulb on the right. Oh, well, it adds some interest. The trefoil stained glass window is not centered because the window, the dome, and the “House of Cards” are not aligned on a single axis. Like all photos, it’s a compromise.


I met one of the architects, Gaston Zahr, six years ago at the first Jerusalem Festival of Light (2009). He had emailed me to tell me that he liked the photos I took of the solar-powered flower installation, “Night Garden,” and we all met up a couple nights later (2009). We chatted for a while and I photographed him with Baruch again. The cards are based on Jean David’s cards designed for El Al in 1970.



Gaston pointed out that the corner cards are square. In a real house of cards, you can overlap at the corners. This is not possible with glass panels set in a steel frame, so a different solution was found. This installation took about a month to construct.


Gaston (left) and Baruch in 2014:


and in 2009:

Gaston Zahr, O*GE Architects

I did make a short video of the installation but Gaston’s video is much better, so I’ve embedded it below.

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