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Lunch in Jaffa

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 23, 2014


Our tour finished by the Jaffa marina. The eagle is a decoration on a tour boat. The clock sculpture below is just below the old lighthouse.


We ate lunch at Dr. Shakshuka (shakshuka is a mixture of sauteed vegetables in tomato sauce, topped by poached eggs).  It is located on Beit Eshel street, in a rather rundown area. Eating there is an experience. Not sure I’d go back by myself, but it was fine for a group outing.


The ceiling is decorated with dozens of old cooking pots and primus (kerosene) stoves.


The walls are covered with magazine and newspaper clippings about the restaurant. I like the position of these two guys studying the menu, with the owner’s face staring out of the picture frames.


I haven’t been in Israel long enough to remember when the currency was in liras. The bills, worth almost nothing now, were tucked under the plexiglas table cover.


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More Shots of Jaffa

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 23, 2014


(Above) Alley in Old Jaffa

(Below) Doorway to nowhere. Well-preserved door mounted against a stone wall.


Another doorway to nowhere:




Enclosed balconies across from the marina:


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Random Shots of Jaffa

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 23, 2014


These are a few snapshots I took when I went with my old work group to Jaffa for a half-day trip.

Children’s chairs in a furniture store:


Seafood restaurant on Retsif Ha-aliyah Ha-shniya:


Facade of an Ottoman period gate to a courtyard (Yefet street near the clock).


Re-used stones in the wall of the Mahmediyya mosque (by the fountains).




View of Tel Aviv from the Abraham Schechterman Garden:


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Tel Aviv, Election Day 2013

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 27, 2013

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Election Day is a holiday in Israel. After the snow and sleet of two weeks ago, it was a little weird to sit on a breakwater in Tel Aviv. My husband had to work in the morning. I met him at the bus station and we went to Tel Aviv for the afternoon and early evening. The rest of the world seemed to have the same idea, to head for the beach. And the picnic areas and the parks…. We don’t have a “weekend” in Israel, so a vacation day like Election Day isn’t something to waste!

I took the first photo when we were sitting on the rocks of the breakwater. A young couple were sitting very close to the water. I got this shot as a sailboat was going by and underexposed it because I was shooting almost directly into the sun. I cropped out the sun on the right because I didn’t want the brightness to dominate the scene.

The next photo shows a couple windsurfers outside the breakwater.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Two of three kayakers outside the breakwater.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Wind-surfing school within the breakwater, close to shore.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Fisherman showing off his catch.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

This building, known locally as the Crazy House, is a private apartment building at 181 haYarkon, designed by Leon Gaignebet in 1985. It’s also called a Gaudi building, although Gaignebet rejected the comparison. (Personally, I see it as derivative Art Nouveau, but not particularly Gaudi-esque–maybe they just needed an easy-to-remember name.) The photo below was taken from the beach, so it only shows the top two stories. It does show the roof in more detail than most photos of this building. It’s an interesting, somewhat pretentious design, representing the sea meeting the desert. The eastern façade uses stone and concrete and images of trees. The western façade, facing the Mediterranean, is supposed to represent the sea and sand dunes but looks like a giant sheet full of holes wrapped around an ordinary apartment block.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Photographed from across Eliezer Peri at night. Not a good photo. I might try photographing this building by daylight next time I’m in Tel Aviv. Note the fence in front of the building, which echoes the design of the façade.

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Bench in same style, across the street from the apartment building:

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

Trompe l’oeile painting on Arlozoroff Street (corner of Ibn Gabirol).

Tel Aviv, Election Day 2012

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Liliyot Restaurant, Tel Aviv

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 19, 2011

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

I don’t often eat at upscale restaurants but it was my husband’s (belated) birthday dinner. He wanted to dine in Tel Aviv, as long as I chose the restaurant. I had recently received a token bonus (dinner for two) at work and this seemed like a good opportunity to use it. I chose Liliyot, a kosher meat restaurant located on Daphna and Weitzman street, in Beit Asia. Liliyot works with ELEM, an Israeli organization for youth at risk, training and employing fifteen youths every year for careers in the restaurant industry. The menu must change fairly often, because I did not see the dishes described by eLuna (Jan. 2011), Frommer’s (no date), Tel Aviv Guide (no date), Anthony Silverbrow (Jul. 2010), or Daniel Rogov (2009). I would say that the quality of the dishes is uneven but not bad if you order carefully.

The first thing I did at Liliyot was smash a wine glass. That gets you noticed every time. Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve ever broken anything in a restaurant. Look at the photo below. The ambiance is warm and informal. The wine glasses are over-sized, top-heavy, and perched at the edge of the tiny tables for two. I flipped over the menu and knocked my glass off the edge.

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

This isn’t a review because I didn’t sample enough food to draw general conclusions. I was very happy with what I ordered. The salmon sashimi starter, photographed above, was excellent — very fresh slices of raw salmon garnished with thickened soy sauce, a drop of herb sauce, and a salsa of diced cucumbers, green onions, canteloupe, and a few slices of red onion. The salad was refreshing and did not overpower the salmon. I ordered prime rib, medium rare, for the main course. It was seared on the outside and bloody at the center, a very good piece of meat accompanied by some mashed potatoes and zucchini/spinach. I guess prime rib is considered an unadventurous choice, but it was good! My husband began with a green salad, which turned out to be a handful of romaine lettuce drowning in balsamic vinegar. I don’t recommend it. (I tried to get him to order something else…) His main course was lamb shoulder garnished with strips of red pepper leather (like apricot leather, but made with red peppers) and wheat berries. I didn’t try enough of the lamb to form much of an opinion other than it was tender.

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

Liliyot also has a bakery (photo below). The statement on the wall is about the Liliyot/ELEM project.

Liliyot Bakery, Tel Aviv

The bakery has a cool ceiling….

Liliyot Bakery, Tel Aviv

Menu, in Hebrew. Not cheap. Liliyot is in the Asia Building, 4 Weizmann St. (corner of Weizmann and Daphna, across the street from the hospital), Tel Aviv, Israel. 03-609-1331

Liliyot menu (Hebrew)

Liliyot menu (Hebrew)

We were too full to order dessert but here’s the menu, in English. Sorry about the angle. I was tired.

Liliyot dessert menu (English)

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Tel Aviv: Some Random Photos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 4, 2011


I never get tired of photographing Tel Aviv. Here are some shots I took the day I went to see the Chihuly exhibit. This waterlily was in a fountain near the Arlozoroff station.

Tel Aviv and Water Lilies

Statues outside the entrance of Museum Tower on Berkovitz Street.

Museum Tower, Tel Aviv

Geraniums on the windowsill of one of those big, anonymous office buildings. Photo taken from the balcony of the Litvak Gallery.


A couple glass sculptures (“Janus”) by Swedish glass artist Bertil Vallien, photographed at the Litvak Gallery. I stitched three photos together.

Bertil Vallien, Janus

Bertil Vallien, Janus

There was a fitness festival, “Active Tel Aviv,” in Rabin Square (we walked from the Litvak Gallery to the port for dinner).

Tel Aviv Fitness Festival

Woman trying to tie the curtains of a chuppah on a balcony above the Tel Aviv port.

Chuppah in tne Wind

Photo of the Azrieli Center taken from the bus station, just before we boarded our bus to Jerusalem. Hand-held. (No way was I going to shlep a tripod all that way.)

Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv

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Dale Chihuly at the Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 3, 2011

Chihuly, Garnet Persian Set

One of the most challenging things, I find, about photographing a gallery exhibit is coming up with photos that don’t look like the catalogue. The photo above is a view of a row of Chilhuly’s vases, across the hall, seen through one of the shells of the Garnet Persian Set, which was set up in a small dark room.

The photo below shows the whole installation. Because the room was so small, I took three photos and stitched them together.

Dale Chihuly, Garnet Persian Set

It was tricky to photograph in that setting but very beautiful.

Chihuly, Garnet Persian Set

The Kaleidescope Persian window installation was also very difficult because the gallery was fairly dark. Incidentally, because this was a gallery, not a museum, the pieces have price tags. This installation can be yours … for 6,185,600 NIS (a little over $1,781,000 US)! That works out to just over 100,000 NIS per plate.

Chihuly, Kaleidoscope Persian Window

Dale Chihuly, Litvak Gallery

Some of the pieces were outdoor installations — very difficult to photograph because the balcony was small and in the shadow of the building. I did a hand-held HDR shot of the blue icicle tree. It’s followed by a single photo to give you a better idea of what it looked like without HDR.

Chihuly, Blue Icicle Tree, HDR

Chihuly, Blue Icicle Tree

Dale Chihuly, Vases

Dale Chihuly, Lapis & Gold Chandelier

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly, Drawings

Chihuly, Reflection of Kaleidescope Window

Dale Chihuly

More photos from the exhibit are in my Flickr set.

Admission is 48 NIS, includes audio guide in English or Hebrew. Litvak Gallery, Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz Street, Tel Aviv, is near the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, about 15 minutes walk from Arlozoroff Station. Exhibit on view through April 20, 2011. Gallery hours: Mon-Thur 10:00-21:00; Fri 09:00-14:00; Sat 17:00-21:30; Sun closed. Photography permitted.

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