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Ruchama Forest 3

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 10, 2014


These photos of the Ruchama forest were taken during the afternoon. The light was very warm at that hour.




Eucalyptus leaves.



Back-lit sheep. All those little white dots are the bits of fluff from the flower seeds.




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Ruchama Forest 2

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 10, 2014


More photos of anemones in bloom, anemones going to seed, anemones losing their petals….





Great horns and facial expressions on these sheep.


Cattle egret hopping between sheep. They hitch a ride on the backs of the sheep and eat insects that live in the fleece. The egrets are so white that they’re difficult to photograph well because the highlights tend to be overblown.


Zoom blur. I had a tripod with me.


Anemone in bud, in bloom, and gone to seed.


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Ruchama Forest

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 10, 2014


Last week I took a half-day photo workshop in the Ruchama forest (near Sderot) led by Yehoshua Halevi. Eight of us spent half a day running around the Ruchama forest photographing the anemones (red, poppy-like flowers that bloom in winter). Yehoshua is a gregarious, patient teacher and an experienced photographer based in Efrat. I prefer to be left on my own while on photo tours, so that was OK as well. The lighting conditions were varied, from overcast to sunny.

The two photos below were taken in a commercial almond orchard. Very few of the trees were in bloom, so I concentrated on the tree trunks in the first photo and a bee on a flower in the second.



I’m planning to break into the world of sheep portrait photography. Truly a niche market….



The anemones were a bit past their prime, going to seed, but they were still plentiful.


These anemones were growing around a charred log. Anemones are a challenge to photograph because the brilliant reds often turn out overblown, with little detail. I find that I have to underexpose them in order to see the edges of the petals.


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New Camera: Canon Powershot S95

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 18, 2011

New camera!!!! Canon S95

I love my DSLR, a 2-year-old Canon Rebel XSi (aka 450D), but there are times when a big camera is too much to carry. For example, last night I was at a barbecue in a crowded apartment, so wandering around with a plate full of food and a big camera hanging off my shoulder, while squeezing between people, was not an appealing prospect. I also wanted to avoid turning it into a working event (“As long as you brought your camera, would you just take a few photos of my kids/friends/relatives/dogs….”) Ironically, I did end up taking a lot of pictures at the end of the evening, with other people’s cameras. I’m getting really good at looking at figuring out how to turn off the flash and raise the ISO on unfamiliar pocket cameras. 🙂

I know, I know, these compact cameras all look alike, especially if they’re black or silver. IT’s pluses are that it shoots in RAW (as well as JPG, of course), up to 3200 ISO (rather noisy, but that can be cleaned up), and at its widest angle the aperture can be opened up to f/2, which is almost unheard of in a point-and-shoot. It shoots HD video. The minuses are that battery life isn’t great (I plan to buy an extra battery), the optical zoom isn’t as good as what I had on my Canon S5, and there’s no viewfinder, so I have to use the screen. It over-saturates the greens a bit. Will have to see about turning that down.

I really wanted a camera that I could take with me on my morning walk or run. That’s why I’m so excited about the photos I took this morning. I stopped to photograph some sheep in the wadi, when two gazelles bounded past me. They were moving so fast that I only had time to point the camera in the general direction and take two frames. These are cropped.



I don’t normally jog on the security road when the Bedouin are around with their sheep and goats, but this flock was fairly far down in the wadi and not headed in my direction up the hill. I liked this photo because of the cool shadows caused by the sun behind the sheep. (One frame had a bit of sun flare, but this one didn’t.) I also liked the curving lines of sheep coming over the curve of the hillside.


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