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From Cisco to Red Hat

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 19, 2017


Same satellite dish, as NDS and Cisco. I’m not sure whether this dish will be around next year, so I’m glad I got these photos. If you’re wondering how I did it without a helicopter, HR asked me to record the changeover of the signs and dishes. I spent two days taking photos on the roof and in front of the building.


Just before Passover I was laid off by Cisco. It was hard, not having looked for a job, um, ever…. Seriously, my previous jobs all fell into my lap. Of course I had the usual worries about my age, my less-than-fluent Hebrew, and my hodgepodge training. I sometimes tell people I went to YouTube Uni to learn engineering. I decided to return to technical writing because (a) there are way too many good engineers looking for jobs and I can’t compete with eng. degrees and certs, (b) I stand out more as a tech writer with Integration&Testing and DevOps experience than I do as an engineer who can write well, and (c) bottom line: I can earn more as a senior technical writer than as a junior engineer.

I started interviewing at two companies, a well-known automotive tech company in Jerusalem and Red Hat in Raanana. I was concerned about the killer commute, living in Maale Adumim and not having a driver’s license, but Red Hat’s policy is to allow workers to work from home, especially if they live far from the office. They made me a very good offer and I’ve accepted.

I finish at Cisco on May 28 and start at Red Hat on June 5. Sometimes things really do work out for the best!

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On-Boarding the Satellite Dishes: Day Two

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 3, 2013


I only went up to the roof for about half an hour on Thursday, just to see what was going on.

The dish at the front of the building, the second largest dish on the building, was on-boarded. I was able to get a better shot of the activity (such as it was) by standing on the large satellite dish platform. Yes, that meant climbing up the ladder again, and it was very hot and windy.


They appear to be taping paper letters to the dish and then applying plastic stickers.


This is the small dish that faces the driveway. I call it “Gone but Not Forgotten” because you can still see the NDS logo clearly.


View of the ladder to the roof of pier D, this time looking up.


I couldn’t get in from the roof right away because the men were davening mincha (afternoon prayer) in the room at the top of the stairwell, which doubles as a small synagogue, so I had 15 minutes to kill on the roof. I took a few more photos.


View over the courtyard, towards Ramot.


View of the roof from the front of the building, facing Golda Meir Blvd.


Looking down into the courtyard.


Another shot towards Ramot, over the parking lot.


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