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Rainbow Shawl: Farewell and New Beginning

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 19, 2012

Last look at Rainbow shawl

Call me the Frog Queen (unraveling is called “frogging” on some lists because you “rip it, rip it”). Or call me Penelope…. 🙂

I’m starting over. I was worried about not having enough yarn for this shawl and the texture seemed a bit dense. Aade Lõng Artistic 8/2 is a springy, somewhat coarse yarn. Some people try soaking it in conditioner to soften it, but, hey, the sheep is what it is! And this sheep is no merino. A yarn with this texture holds up beautifully for outer garments and pieces that don’t require soft drape. The pattern is Garden Path Shawl, free from Elann yarns.

New beginning of rainbow shawl

The photo above shows the original shawl, worked on 4 mm needles, and the new swatch, on 5 mm. (I could possibly go a little higher, to 5.5 mm, but I don’t want the yarn-overs to look stringy.) I think the larger needle diameter suits the yarn better. The pattern will have a bit more defintion and the yarn is not going to start pilling or sag out of shape.

The yarn comes in a very long skein (over 900 meters). I divided it into three balls and wound them on a ball winder, carefully numbered so that I would knit them in sequence. The swatch (light blue) is worked from the outside of the third ball. The plan is that I will knit the yarn in reverse order — the third ball from the outside inwards, and the rest of the yarn directly from the old shawl itself. That way I bypass the stage of unraveling, skeining, and rewinding into balls, not to mention finding the splice where I joined the yarns.

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