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When You’re Tired of Eating Matzah….

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 4, 2010

… you can always photograph it!

Here we have an aerial view of a matzah desert with two volcanoes in the center. Towards the end of Passover one really does feel like one is crossing an endless expanse of matzah. (Canon PowerShot S5, macro setting.)

Matzah Landscape

These shots are more typical photos of matzah, on a crocheted matzah cover that I made years ago. Also taken with a Canon PowerShot S5.



Just for the record (because I know someone will ask), here is the matzah cover itself. It’s my own design. The crocheted panel is tacked at the corners to a blue satin “envelope” with three compartments for the three matzahs that are used at the Seder.

Crocheted matzah cover

Tonight is the beginning of the last day of Passover. Time for me to get back into the kitchen.


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Local Kashering Station

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 25, 2010

Preparing for Passover

Certain dishes (mainly metal, but not clay or wood) can be kashered, that is, made kosher for Passover. Because the job often requires boiling water or blow torches, many people prefer to bring their dishes to neighbourhood “kashering stations” staffed by yeshiva students. I took these photos from my third-floor balcony at night, so the quality isn’t great. In the photo above, a woman has brought a couple stove-top grates (on the table) and several pots and pans. The pots are dipped in boiling water (photo below) before being plunged into cold water, in the tank to the left of the boiling water. The stove grates are heated with a blow torch (not visible in this photo because a tree was blocking the view) until they glow red.

Preparing for Pesach

I’ve cleaned the six-drawer freezer, oven, and most of the cupboards. My husband will do the refrigerator/freezer on Saturday night, after the end of Shabbat, and I will do the stove top on Sunday. Menu planning gets very tricky because one needs to make enough for the next few days, before Passover, but not too much because leftovers will have to be thrown out on Monday morning. At the same time, I have to buy enough meat, vegetables, and all the bits and pieces for the Seder on Monday night, such as lettuce, horse radish, ingredients for charoset, wine, matzah, meat, grape juice, parsley, etc. Getting ready for Passover is a real test of one’s organizational skills!


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