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Old Royal Palace, Prague

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 11, 2013


The main building of the Old Royal Palace dates back to the 12th century. The 16th century Vladislav Hall was used for coronations, banquets, markets, and even tournaments (!). On the left side of the hall is a rider’s staircase, which enabled horses to enter the hall. The magnificent ceiling vaults form roses or stars.


View of the Diet room where the king sat under a canopy, with the archbishop at his side. Various legates occupied the benches; representatives of the royal towns had to stand by the windows. The Diet was rebuilt after a fire in 1541.


Stunning lace ceiling vaults with stars at the main junctions.


The ceiling of the Land Rolls room is painted with the coats of arms of prominent Bohemian families.



Records of Diet debates are bound and stored in these cupboards. The covers are delightful! The painted spines depict colourful flowers and fruit, an anthropomorphic sun, even a rainbow.




Scale model of the Prague castle complex, which the Guinness Book of Records says is the largest ancient castle in the world.


There are lots of old ceramic tile stoves in the palace but it must have been bitterly cold in winter.


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