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Rainy Day in the Old City

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 26, 2014



These photos were taken in mid-March during a heavy rain. The first four were taken at the Western Wall.


A group of Nigerian Christian women wore skirts made of this orange fabric. Peter Obi, the man whose face is strategically positioned on the back, was governor of Anambra State in Nigeria. This photo was taken about a week before the end of his second term of office.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre, photographed from the roof of the Petra Hotel near Jaffa Gate.


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Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013: Blue Trail

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 5, 2013

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

This is exactly what it looks: a rainbow made of neon tubes. “Rainbow Above,” by Eran Klein and Eli Cochavi, is one of those pieces that was more successful as a concept. The installation was so close to the buildings that it was nearly impossible to photograph without having awnings and other lights in the picture.

Illusion of Transparency,” by Yael Schiffman, was a kaleidoscope projected into the tunnel of the Closed Cardo.

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

Philipp Artus’s “Snail Trail” was underwhelming, about as exciting as watching a cardiogram.

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

There was absolutely nothing at the Muristan. Pity.

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

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Video: Fire Dance in Tzahal Square, Jerusalem

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 1, 2013


I was in the middle of posting the Jerusalem Light Festival photos when I got side-tracked by a weekend trip to Manchester and Dublin. This woman dancing with a burning hoop was not part of the Light Festival but she was performing in Tsahal Square at the same time. I thought she was quite good and was glad I could get a video of the whole routine.

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

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Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013, Video: Ode to Joy among the Ruins

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 17, 2013

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013

“From Darkness to Light,” by Moshe Kimchi (Israel) at the Jerusalem Light Festival 2013. The only place I could stand was right by the speaker, so I’m surprised that the sound quality was okay.


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Line Fun Day, 2013: Yemin Moshe and Old City

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 12, 2013

Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem

Last week we had our last line (= department fun day) for the year and our last one as NDS (Cisco doesn’t splash out like this on social events). During the morning we had breakfast in Yemin Moshe, followed by an elaborate treasure hunt in Yemin Moshe and the Old City. I managed to take a few quick snapshots. The photo above is a street in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Lion fountain, a gift from the German government, in Bloofmield Gardens:

Lion Fountain, Jerusalem

Lion Fountain, Jerusalem

Lion Fountain, Jerusalem

Mishekenot Sha’ananim was the first Jewish neighbourhood (1860) built outside the Old City walls. It’s now a guest house for prominent artists, musicians, and academics visiting Israel. The almond trees have started to bloom.

Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

Mondays and Thursdays are the weekdays when the Torah is read publicly, which makes these days popular for bar mitzvahs. Here’s a bar mitvah boy under a chuppah, accompanied by relatives and drummers, on his way to the Kotel (Western Wall).

Bar Mitzvah, Old City, Jerusalem

We had to wait outside Zion gate for a while, trying to decipher a clue. I photographed this metal gate outside an Armenian Church.

Gate of Armenian Church

Boys going into Zion gate. I’m not sure what the hats are supposed to be but they were cute.

Boys, Zion Gate, Jerusalem

Dormition Abbey, on Mount Zion, Old City.

Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem

Courtyard of Kinor David restaurant, where we ate lunch. This was taken from the patio on the roof.

Kinor David Restaurant, Jerusalem

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Jerusalem Knights in the Old City, 2012

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 5, 2012

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Last week we went to the Jerusalem Knights in the Old City festival. It was interesting to do once, but I’m not sure I would do it again. Imagine the crowds that you see at the annual Light Exhibit. Now imagine all those crowds on one trail instead of four. And many people in those crowds are pushing huge strollers through the narrow alleys of the Christian Quarter. If the exhibits and performances were more appealing for adults, it might be worth the crowds (or worth seeing at an earlier hour). However, papier mache dragons with growling and the soundtrack from “Lord of the Rings” are not appealing for adults. The dancing was cute, but the crowds were ten deep. I had to stand on a bench and shoot with a long lens to get these photos. So I’m glad I did it once but I wouldn’t bother to repeat the experience. The last performance is this Thursday (Nov. 8), 6-11 p.m.

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

The Venetian chamber group was very good. Unfortunately, they were tucked away in a distant alley in the Christian Quarter, so it was difficult to find a spot to listen to them.

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Pretty tasteless. I only included this photo because of the t-shirt.

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

Steampunk dragon near the Muristan.

Steampunk Dragon!

We didn’t hang around the Muristan square long enough to watch a whole show. It seemed to comprise knights and damsels pretending to be under siege and looking worried.

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

The King’s Feast. Hundreds of people wandering around with cups of wine. No easy way to view the stage. There were a couple dancers performing but I couldn’t get close enough to shoot them.

Knights in the Old City, Jerusalem

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Jerusalem Day, 2011

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 5, 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

I suppose this photo could be called “Dancers in Front, Daveners [pray-ers] in Back”. I took a few photos of the Jerusalem Day march.

Jerusalem Day 2011

An animated discussion by the Paratroopers’ Memorial. I’m not sure what these guys were discussing but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

I love photographing tourists:

Jerusalem Day 2011

Damascus Gate. Pity it was under scaffolding, as it’s the most elaborate of the Old City gates:

Jerusalem Day 2011

Four girls coming through the Damascus Gate. Actually the girls’ route was to the Dung Gate on the other side of the Old City but things got a bit confused by this point.

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

The Western Wall plaza was really crowded, so we went up the steps to one of the streets overlooking the plaza. I created this panorama from three photos (click to view a larger version on Flickr):

Western Wall, Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

Incidentally, the archaeological site in the foreground of the photo above a newly discovered secondary branch of the Cardo (Roman marketplace). Ancient maps show that the Cardo had several branches, but until recently their location was unknown. A few of the other photos are in my Flickr set.

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My Favourite March Photos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 7, 2010

To be honest, March was a tough month for photographing. With Passover and all its preparations, there were times when I really had to hunt for something to point my camera at. The worst day was the night after the end of Passover. I was tired, had a million things to do (laundry, switching the kitchen to non-Passover utensils and dishes), and the holiday ended late so there wasn’t anything particularly photogenic in the vicinity. That’s why I photographed some bottles to be returned for recycling.

But, on the bright side, I got a flash for the first time, a Speedlite 580 EXII. It’s one of those things that I never thought I’d need (since I love low light and ambient light photography) and now I wonder how I did without it. I also spent half a day in the Old City of Jerusalem, so there were plenty of good things to photograph. Luckily, it was a slightly cloudy day (= more interesting sky).

But first the Speedlite…. Wow — it’s great for photos of frozen water drops! I had the tap turned on a little harder than I intended, so I got these unintentionally elongated water drops.

Pepper and Water

During one of the March rain storms, there was a double rainbow. Since I hadn’t left home for work, I stood on my balcony, shot three frames, and created this panorama. I’ve shot double rainbows before but never an entire rainbow.

Double Rainbow Panorama

I photographed these tourists with my longest (250mm) lens. I stood on one of the stone benches at the back of the women’s section and got this shot close to the front. It just struck me as very funny, all these tourists with their cameras pointed at each other, over the barrier.

How many cameras...?

I haven’t done HDR for a while. When I did the Old City one I must have been in a mood for silly effects, so it’s a bit unnatural, to say the least. I may redo it someday, with less extreme tone mapping.

Old City of Jerusalem

What I love about HDR is the way it reveals detail normally hidden in shadows. This photo of a Chihuly installation was taken in the foyer of the new Aish haTorah building.

Chihuly Installation

I’m not sure what April will be like with my DSLR in the shop. It is still under warranty and was sent via registered mail this morning to Ro’im haOlam in Petach Tikva. Stay tuned. I did manage to borrow a camera body (an old XT), which is a relief because it’s not easy to find someone willing to lend a camera on Yom Atzma’ut. Rental wasn’t an option — too difficult logistically. There’s only one place in Israel that rents photography equipment, that I know of, and it’s  in Tel Aviv. I can’t get there by 10 a.m. by bus from Maale Adumim (if it were in Jerusalem, that’s another matter). That’s not even taking into consideration the 150 NIS/day holiday/weekend rental fee.

Now I’m scrounging CF cards because my camera uses SDHC cards and the owner of the XT only has a single 2 Gb card. The cameras also use different batteries but I should be okay with the one battery because the Speedlite uses 4 AA batteries. I wish I could try it out this week but the owner wants to use it this weekend.


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HDR in the Old City, Jerusalem

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 21, 2010

What can you do with a site that’s been photographed a million times? Well, if you happen to show up during a tsunami, that’s one option. Or the building of the Third Temple — that’s another but rather hard to mark in your calendar. I decided to try a little HDR.

This view of the Old City was taken on a slightly cloudy day (love those clouds for HDR!) from the roof of the Aish haTorah yeshiva building. I used three exposures.

Old City of Jerusalem

This photo of the Kotel (Western Wall) was generated from a single RAW file because it was the only way I could deal with all the movement, in this case, all the people walking through the plaza. Sure, it looks quite unnatural. I chose the surreal look because the Kotel has been done so often.

Western Wall, Jerusalem

The Dale Chihuly glass installation in the atrium of Aish haTorah was done with three separate exposures. I post-processed it to look a bit more natural, so you can actually see the colours, shading, and texture of the glass that would otherwise have been obscured by the shadows.

Chihuly Installation

For the sake of comparison, here’s an unprocessed photo of the installation.

Chihuly Glass Installation

All three photos were processed with Photomatix 3.0. Camera was hand-held.


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Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 16, 2010

Temple Mount

Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

We were stuck in traffic on the way to work this morning, just outside the Mt. Scopus tunnel. Fortunately, I had my 250mm telephoto lens in my backpack, so I got these two shots when we weren’t moving very fast. How many other people get a view like this on the way to work every day?

The gold dome is the Dome of the Rock, a mosque built between 695 and 681 CE. It is built on the site of the Jewish First and Second Temple, so Jews call it the Temple Mount or Har haBayit. Most of the blue tiles date back to Suleiman the Magnificent, who undertook its restoration. The gold dome was refurbished by King Hussein of Jordan in 1998.


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