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Romanian Point Lace

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 14, 2012

Thing 25. My first Romanian Point lace motif

Today most of the world is celebrating Valentine’s day by making restaurateurs and chocolatiers rich, so I’m posting this small Romanian point lace heart. I made this sample in February 2008, when I was participating in a Thing-a-Day project. It’s always held in February, so if you’re interested, put a reminder in your calendar for next year.

Romanian point lace, also called Romanian braid lace and macrame lace, is one of the easiest needle laces to master. You crochet a flexible braid (seen around the outside of the heart in my motif), tack it down with a needle and thread to a cloth backing, and then work various lace fillings with a needle through the loops. It works up quickly because it’s such a coarse lace. My motif was worked in perle 8 crochet cotton. The only tedious aspect is crocheting miles of braid if you want to work a large doily.

Getting the braid started can be tricky. Once you’ve done a few stitches, you can work on automatic pilot for hours … days …. Sunshine Creations has produced an excellent video that explains the process. See her blog for a full tutorial.

Joanne in Manitoba has posted a clear tutorial with photos. There is also a Flickr pool.

The best book on the subject is Angela Thompson’s and Kathleen Walker’s Romanian Point Lace. Clearly written and beautifully photographed, it will keep you busy for quite a while. Every time I open this book, I want to grab my crochet hook and start churning out yards of braid.

Romanian Point Lace

Romanian Point Lace

Romanian Point Lace

Years ago a woman used to sell Romanian point lace doilies in front of the Mashbir department store in Jerusalem. Romanian immigrants in Israel made simple doilies and clusters of grapes and leaves (very similar to Irish crochet). I found a Hebrew book on Romanian point lace, published in 1987, in a used bookstore.

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