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Photo Shoot: “Raw” Bruschetta

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 23, 2009

My neighbour, Chana Rachel, of Israel Gone Raw, emailed me a few weeks ago to ask whether I would photograph a recipe that she was contributing to a “raw foods” cookbook. I was hesitant because I’ve never photographed food for a book before but I was willing to give it a try. We worked out a deal, bartering my photos of her “raw” bruschetta and a small portrait (for the contributors’ page) in exchange for her Mexican combo meal. I have to say that although I am not a “raw foods” enthusiast, her food was delicious. I hope she is as happy with her photos as I was with my dinner last night.

Improvised Lighting

Super Professional (ahem) Photo Light

I didn’t have time to buy a lamp, just a piece of white cardboard to use as a reflector. My fluorescent desk lamp was too dim. I asked my husband to find the light that we hang up in the sukkah every year. It’s just a light socket attached to a long electrical cord. I made a reflector with a disposable aluminum pie plate and stuck in a 100 watt bulb. I didn’t have a stand or extra tripod, so my son suggested that I tape it to the shade of the desk lamp. It worked quite well.

Bruschetta Photo

"Raw Foods" Bruschetta with salsa and basil

People who are part of the Raw Foods movement don’t use conventional cooking techniques. I’m not sure of the recipe but I think the main component of the bruschetta “toast” was ground almonds held together with flaxseed and then put in a dehydrator for a few hours. It was quite tasty, I might add. In this photo it’s topped with salsa and basil leaves.

We tried a different set-up at first, with the plain bruschetta arranged around a small bowl of salsa, garnished with basil leaves. Unfortunately, it reminded me of what my son once said of my oatmeal cookies: “It looks like something that came out of the back end of a horse.” It’s not easy to make brown, grainy lumps look good, even with good colour saturation, so I decided to use this shot instead.

I used my 50mm prime lens, f/6.3, and 1/13 of a second exposure. I shot RAW and corrected the exposure and colour cast with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional 3.4 (the free program that came with the camera; I don’t have Aperture or Adobe Camera Raw).

Portrait of Chana for the Contributors’ Page

Chana Rachel

Chana turned out to be more photogenic than I expected. Her eyes sparkle in all the shots but I thought her smile was nicest in this photo. This is not the shot I sent to her for the book. I added a soft focus effect around her eyes because I thought it was more flattering, but I didn’t want to add any photo effects for a contributors’ page because it might stand out too much. I also left more room for cropping in the one I gave her because her editor had not specified the dimensions.

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