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Hanukkah 2012

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 16, 2012

Hanukkah 2012

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah, so I walked around my neighbourhood and Gittit street taking a few photos. The hanukkiah box above was holding so many that it’s difficult to count them.

Garage with a couple hanukkiah boxes on a plastic table, surrounded by junk. Definitely not your average setting.

Hanukkah 2012

Elaborate hanukkiah in a garden. The family had just lit, so I asked permission to come into the garden to photograph it. The husband said that family legend (not verified, he stressed) says it was left with non-Jewish neighbours in Germany by his grandparents. They perished in the Holocaust and his father was able to reclaim it.

Hanukkah 2012

Kitchen window. It’s a widespread custom for each member of a family to light, so sometimes you see balconies and windows filled with candles or oil lights.

Hanukkah 2012

Tea-light hanukkiah in a stone niche:

Hanukkah 2012

Street hanukkiah and kitchen hanukkiah:

Hanukkah 2012

Moon setting over Jerusalem. I had a tripod with me. Taken from the security road just beyond Katros street, so there wasn’t too much interference from city lights. 250mm lens, slightly cropped.

Moon Setting over Jerusalem

Hanukkah 2012

Hanukkah 2012

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New Camera!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 27, 2011


I bought a new camera body yesterday. Not exactly a Hanukkah gift to myself, since I had been thinking about buying it online for a few weeks. Anyway, a notice was posted on our company’s intranet that a local camera chain, Camera, was having a sale ostensibly for Har Hotzvim workers. I bought a DSLR body, Canon EOS 550D (aka T2, KISS4) for 2300 NIS ($609) and a point and shoot Canon Powershot A3300 for 569 NIS ($150). Sale continues until the end of December and they didn’t ask whether I was worked in Har Hotzvim. They’re also selling a Panasonic DMC-FZ100K for 1700 NIS, a Canon 1100D for 1750 NIS, and a little Fuji P&S for 200 NIS (I wouldn’t expect much from a camera that cheap). If you’re in the Har Hotzvim area, the branch is located in the Ofir building, near the parking garage entrance of the Park Center (now called Hotzvim Mall). The store is NOT in the mall. At the traffic circle by the gas station, walk to the far side of the circle, away from the traffic lights. Go past a parking barrier (one of those long-armed things that goes up and down) and turn left, through a non-descript door with bars. The store is in the hallway behind the door. There are signs on the building but they’re not very helpful, except to confirm that you found the right building.

The compact camera was a surprise for my husband, who hates his little Samsung. Funny thing — I’m not sure he would have noticed my new camera unless I recorded video with it. “This old black thing? I’ve had it for years!” 🙂

I wanted this particular camera for three reasons:

  • Video. I like shooting video and hate carrying two heavy cameras. (The Canon PowerShot S95 does reasonable HD video but its sound quality is not as good as the S5, which is a much heavier camera).
  • Higher ISO. Up to 6400. Last night I was able to photograph a guy lighting his Hanukkah lights on a balcony in the dark, from a moving minibus. The higher ISO will be very useful because if I have to photograph a speaker without blasting him or her with flash.
  • 18 MP. I don’t normally need such high res photos, but it’s useful if I need to crop tightly or turn a horizontal photo into a vertical format (the old 450D didn’t have quite enough pixels to do that satisfactorily).

Now comes the not-so-fun part: reading the manual. Taking photos is fun but reading manuals still has to be done, even if I already know most of the interface…

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