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Photos from a Wedding

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 28, 2012

Bride Circling the Groom

After buying yarn in Yetsirah, I walked to Yarok be’Ir on Yad Harutzim for the Goldstein wedding. I didn’t take many photos because I was there as a guest, not as a photographer. The photo above shows Shoshi circling the groom, Ma’or, under the chuppah.

Shoshi was led to the chuppah by her mother, Zahava, on her left and Ma’or’s mother on her right:

Bride with Mothers

Close-up of Shoshi with Zahava. By the way, this is the same Zahava whose son’s bar mitzvah I blogged a few weeks ago.

Bride with Mother

Some dancing on the women’s side. When the bride is young, her friends tend to be very young as well. The girls wearing scarves on their hair are already married.


People look so different when they’re dolled up for a wedding, especially brides. Here’s a photo of the same couple three months ago, at the bar mitzvah. Maor and Soshi are at the back of the group, on the left of Shmuel, the bar mitzvah boy and Shoshi’s brother. This photo required a lot of work because I didn’t have a flashgun and they were standing under an overhang (air conditioning duct, I think) and squeezed between two tables. The light dropped off very sharply, so that everyone in the back row was in shadow. Maor’s skin tone is quite dark, so I used layers to lighten everyone standing against the wall. (I ended up taking a few family group shots because they hadn’t hired a photographer and I happened to have my DSLR with me. If it had been a paying job I would have used a flashgun.)

Goldstein Bar Mitzvah

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