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Photos: Sukkot March in Jerusalem, 2011

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 19, 2011

Sukkot March, 2011

I haven’t been to the annual Sukkot march for several years, certainly not since I had a reasonable camera. I also made a video. Although still photos are wonderful, they can’t capture the sounds and movement of a parade. The fellow in the photo above was leading the Bezek (phone company) marchers. He happened to turn around and the sun was hitting him from an angle, making him stand out against the shadowy background. Because we were in a concrete canyon between the King David and David Citadel hotels, the light was a challenge. The marchers were in the shadows and a bluish cast, while the setting sun was bouncing off all the high buildings in the background.

Army and police units led the march:



K9 unit:


The military and police were followed by service companies.

Sukkot March, 2011

El Al and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems carry planes on sticks:


Various bank employees:


Rambam hospital:


I think the Bezek guys could benefit from a little more exercise….


Sukkot coincides with the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles, so there are a lot of Christian tourists in Jerusalem at this time:

Sukkot March, 2011

These Chinese women dressed as brides were great. You should see them in my  video.

Sukkot March, 2011

A man holding a model of the scales of justice leads the court system workers.

Sukkot March, 2011

There were lots of “Welcome home Gilad” signs (how wonderful that Gilad Shalit is finally with his family again!). On the left are Russian tourists in folk costumes.

Sukkot March, 2011

“Taiwan loves Israel”:

Sukkot March, 2011

Sukkot March, 2011


Sukkot March, 2011

Sukkot March, 2011

Polish woman in folk costume:

Sukkot March, 2011

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