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Desert Sunrise near Mitzpeh Yericho

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 6, 2015


These photos are from a photography workshop that I attended near Mitzpeh Yericho. If you look carefully at the horizon of the first photo, to the right of the sun, you can see the Amman Gate Towers.


Spider just hanging around. We all took turns trying to photograph it. The web was between a rock and a bush, with no place to set up a tripod. This shot was hand-held with a 90mm Tamron macro lens. I don’t use it much and I didn’t think I could manage without a tripod, so this shot surprised me. The spider’s legs are translucent!


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Line Fun Day, 2013: Camels and Flamenco

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 13, 2013


We spent the afternoon and evening at Eretz Bereishit (Genesis Land). Yes, I did ride a camel, but not the one in this photo.

Red buttercups:


Tiny irises:


Purple flowers, which I’ve never seen before:

Red flowers

Eretz Bereishit, neqr Kfar Adumim

I photographed this kid during the shepherding workshop. What a face! It was in constant motion, so I was lucky to get this shot, head on and in focus.


The live entertainment after dinner was provided by flamenco guitarist Baldi Olier and dancer Yael Tuchfeld. They were very impressive.

Flamenco dancer Yael Tuchfeld

Flamenco guitarist Baldi Olier and dancer Yael Tuchfeld

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