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Fairy Glen near Betws-y-Coed

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 20, 2014


[May 16, 2014] Fairy Glen is a local beauty spot near Betys-Y-Coed. Admission is half a pound. A lot of people complain about the charge on TripAdvisor, but when you consider the size of the park and the cost of maintaining the paths and fences, you understand why it’s not free. Wear good hiking boots. The stones are wet and slippery and you have some steep steps to descent to reach the glen itself. When we were coming out of the gorge, we met a couple older English tourists waiting on a bench for a younger couple, who were climbing down. They were very grateful when I showed them my photos.




The paths in the park lead to a confluence of two rivers, with a lot of fishing cottages.



I love the chocolate sheep!


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Lambs and Landscapes

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 2, 2014


On our way back from Swallow Falls, we passed lambs everywhere (well, it is spring….).


This is typical of the landscape–hills with sheep pens behind the houses at the bottom and trees above. It must look amazing in autumn.


Most of the buildings in Betws y Coed were built as Victorian period hotels. The Pont y Pair Inn is a typical example.


Staircase made of slate, leading up to a side entrance.


This is a cultivated garden planted on a steep and narrow hillside between two stone houses. I was amazed at how many plants they managed to fit into the space.


Typical old stone house built as a single family dwelling, with a stone wall in front and sheep pens at the back.


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Swallow Falls

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 1, 2014


We arrived at Betws y Coed in the afternoon, with time for one hike, so we went to look for Swallow Falls, over the Llugwy river. It’s an impressive multi-storey waterfall, which you can also reach by road (across from the Swallow Falls Hotel) if you’re not up to the somewhat slippery and wet climb along the river.

We started our walk from Pont yPair, the bridge at the edge of Betws y Coed, and followed a clearly marked trail. The first part of the trail is wheel-chair accessible, with ramps and pavement, so that everyone can see part of the beautiful landscape. We passed through several sheep pastures. At this point we were following the Llugwy river.



The ground was wet from several days of rain before our arrival. Below, you see the tree roots all over the path.



Steep bridge across the river:



Swallow falls


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Beautiful Wales

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 1, 2014


Northern Wales seems to have it all–stunning landscapes, waterfalls, picturesque buildings, placid sheep grazing on green hillsides, slate mountains, friendly people. Yes, it does get a lot of rain, but we were lucky. We experienced about half an hour of rain during a 10-day holiday in the UK in spring. That must be a record! We just missed a couple stormy days and landed when the weather was dry but the water levels were still high. We stayed in Betws y Coed (“Church in the Wood”), Wales’ most popular inland resort.

Betws y Coed’s tourist industry began in the mid-1800s, when an artists’ colony was founded at the confluence of four rivers feeding into the Conwy river (it’s no coincidence that it the railway was built the same year). The river in the photo above is the Llugwy.

We left Manchester Piccadilly station in the morning and took a 2-hour train to Llandudno. Manchester Piccadilly has lovely ironwork, so I took a couple quick shots while hauling a suitcase up the escalator. From Llandudno, it was a 45-minute bus ride to Betws y Coed.



Souvenir shop with baskets.


Even the soccer fields are picturesque. Located across the road from our hotel.


Water falls near Betys y Coed, photographed from the Pont y Pair (Bridge of the Cauldron), over the Llugwy river. You can figure out the scale by the people standing on a rock. This was by no means the most spectacular waterfall we saw in Wales, just one of the most accessible.


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