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Greek Orthodox Wedding

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 10, 2016


My officemate Nicola (the groom) was married a couple days ago at Mar Elias monastery just outside Jerusalem. I attended as a guest and took a few photos. The entire photoset is on Flickr.



My husband is close to the camera (white kippah with black stripes). My boss is in the row in front of him (blue kippah). There were a couple other guys from work at the church service.



Nicola and Reem entering the church.



Impatient flower girl. The service was only about 40 minutes but that’s a long time to stand at the front with a basket of flower petals!


Bishop, framed by the arm of a chair.


The priests and bridal party join hands and walk around the table near the end of the service.


Leaving the church.


Kosher wedding hall. Although Nicola and Reem are Palestinian Christians, Nicola chose a kosher venue so that his Jewish friends would be able to eat. Very thoughtful! 🙂


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