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Festival of Light, 2015 – Part 1

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 14, 2015


We were only able to go to the annual Festival of Light on two evenings, because of the bus strike. So my husband and I finished three trails in one night–white, red, and blue. That must be a record for us! Above and below are the “Blooming Meadow”, at Jaffa Gate.


“Children Drawing Light,” features drawings by the children of the Old City on lampshades. Actually, the installations this year featured a lot of children’s drawings.


“Shelf Life,” a video-mapping installation by Lior Bentov on the wall of the Armenian Quarter. The bookshelf projecting from the wall is the only construction. The rest is projection.


“National Heroes,” video installation by Yaron Zinman, was like watching an animated photo album.


“Scutum Calx” was a strange one to photograph, because it was 3D video-mapping on the facade of Batei Machsei. It looks better when you wear the red/green glasses but I couldn’t figure out a way to photograph that. 🙂


“Large Pendulum Wave” in the courtyard of the Hurva Synagogue was a very cool installation in which balls changed colour and swung back and forth, sometimes as a line, sometimes as a wave, and sometimes as a helix. They were controlled by rods and suspended from a frame, like those pendulum toys.


This year’s festival had a lot of musicians. I think I counted at least a dozen small bands, all wearing plastic jackets with strings of lights attached.


I am experimenting with putting a mark on my photos but this seems a bit large. I’ll try to make it a bit more subtle.

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