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Lunch in Jaffa

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 23, 2014


Our tour finished by the Jaffa marina. The eagle is a decoration on a tour boat. The clock sculpture below is just below the old lighthouse.


We ate lunch at Dr. Shakshuka (shakshuka is a mixture of sauteed vegetables in tomato sauce, topped by poached eggs).  It is located on Beit Eshel street, in a rather rundown area. Eating there is an experience. Not sure I’d go back by myself, but it was fine for a group outing.


The ceiling is decorated with dozens of old cooking pots and primus (kerosene) stoves.


The walls are covered with magazine and newspaper clippings about the restaurant. I like the position of these two guys studying the menu, with the owner’s face staring out of the picture frames.


I haven’t been in Israel long enough to remember when the currency was in liras. The bills, worth almost nothing now, were tucked under the plexiglas table cover.



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