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Prague Municipal House and Powder Tower

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 7, 2014


The Municipal House is a government building and concert hall, which was started in 1905 on the site of Royal Court palace (abandoned in the 15th century). It is an extremely ornate Art Nouveau building, which is worth photographing inside. Many of the rooms are closed to the public but there are guided tours almost every day. The mosaic in the dome over the entrance (above) is the Apotheosis of Prague, based on a painting by Karel Spillar. The inscription above the mosaic is a quotation by Svatopluk Cech: “Hail to you Prague! Brave the time and malice as you have resisted all the storms throughout the ages” (could use some editing).

View of the Municipal House with the Powder Tower (one of the 13 original city gates) on the left. The Powder Tower was started in 1475 and presented to Vladislav II as a coronation gift. Its design was inspired by Peter Parler’s design of the Charles Bridge.



Bridge connecting the Powder Tower and the Municipal House.


You can ascend the Powder Tower during the day. I’m told the view is worth the steps, but we climbed so many towers in Prague that we figured we could give this one a miss.


Powder Tower from the other side, the side facing the Old Town.


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