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View from Prague Castle

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 27, 2013


The Prague Castle complex is on a high hill, with a wonderful view of the city. I love the red tile rooftops, Gothic gables, and dormer windows. This is looking towards the river, with the Charles Bridge on the right.

This is the path outside the castle complex, on the side of the entrances. The green building is the outside of the palace.


Charles Bridge, from the viewpoint of the castle gardens. Look at all the people.


Rooftops of buildings along the narrow streets leading up to the castle:


The area outside Prague Castle is a “castle district,” with formal gardens and courtyards. The next two shots are views of the same courtyard, but from different angles. The first shot shows the horizon and buildings in the distance. The second shows the stairs descending to the courtyard. I don’t know whether they’re open to the public; if they were, some bride would probably be posing on the landing.




3 Responses to “View from Prague Castle”

  1. Anne said

    It’s so nice to see a view of a city with no ugly skyscrapers. What a beautiful city Prague looks 🙂

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Believe me, Prague has ugly buildings, but they’re not downtown! The Czechs have done amazing things to promote tourism. Prague is very beautiful and surprisingly cheap, because they haven’t yet gone over to the Euro.

  2. rifestitch said

    Beautiful views – I would love to see it some day…

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