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Our First Night in Prague

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 6, 2013


I should probably qualify this posting by saying that these pictures were taken on our first ordinary night in Prague. We landed the previous night, dropped off our bags, and staggered out at 11 p.m. The following night we walked around and admired the buildings. Prague is so beautifully lit at night. Every corner has a gorgeous view of something old (or old in appearance). The photo above is a typical postcard shot of the St. Vitus Cathedral surrounded by the palace complex. I took it from the Charles Bridge.

The building below is the Rudolfinium, a concert hall and home of the Czech Philharmonic. It’s very close to the Jewish Quarter, between the Old Jewish Cemetery and the Manesov Bridge.


This is the Gothic Male Strana (Lesser Town) tower at the end of the Charles Bridge. (I know I haven’t posted many photos of that bridge yet. Don’t worry–later I photographed it to death!) The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is between the two towers, in the background.


It’s called “Prague’s narrowest street,” but I don’t think it has a real name. It’s a staircase between two buildings, which leads to a restaurant. The traffic lights are functional, since it’s not wide enough for people to pass comfortably in both directions. At the bottom of the stairs is another light and a switch for changing the light. The address is 24 U Luzickeho seminare, in the Lesser Town district, around the corner from the Kafka Museum.


Another view of the Charles Bridge, this time showing the other side, with the Old Town Bridge. The lower building with the gold crown is the National Theater.


This photo was taken near the Manosov Bridge. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is on the left and St. Vitus Cathedral on the right.


Kafka monument. You can’t walk more than a few blocks in any direction without encountering something connected to Kafka.


Just so you know that Prague isn’t all Gothic spires and cobblestones…. Parizska Street, running between the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter, has a lot of high-end shopping. I really liked this Dolce & Gabbana window display. On this street you’ll find Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, the usual suspects.



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  1. rifestitch said

    Would love to see this city some day…

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