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Spanish Synagogue

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 27, 2013


The Spanish Synagogue is a Moorish revival building built in 1868. It is used as a concert hall and is part of the Jewish Museum. Despite its name, the congregation is not Sephardi. It’s actually a Reform congregation. The photos are a bit wonky and don’t do it justice because (a) photography wasn’t allowed, so I had to take these photos quickly, (b) I was exhausted by the end of our 3-hour tour of the Jewish Quarter, and (c) I find Moorish revival architecture rather boring. If you like lots of gold and Moorish arches, you’ll love the Jubilee Synagogue, which I photographed on another day.


View of the organ loft on the second floor:


Partial view of the dome. It would have been fun to stand directly underneath it with a wide-angle lens, but that would not have been possible without attracting attention.


One Response to “Spanish Synagogue”

  1. Sara Stewart said

    I love the overhead chandelier. 🙂

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