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Train World, Jerusalem

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 1, 2013

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s first model train exhibit opened in July, 2013, at First Station, the converted train station near the Khan. It features over one kilometer of tracks and 40 trains. Although this exhibit is not as large as many in other countries, keep in mind that this is a private collection and a temporary exhibit, so the scale is not as impressive as some. Still, I was impressed! The main attraction for me was not so much the trains as the beautifully detailed miniature worlds. For example, the modelers used static electricity to make the blades of grass stand upright. The little bits of green plastic were dusted onto the painted hills. Then a charged device was passed over the grass to make the bits stand upright. Very clever!

The exhibit is housed in the hanger in the middle of the train station complex. Overhead lights change intensity to mimic day and night. It’s more suitable for older children to adults, because one is not allowed to touch the models.

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

I found the night scenes most convincing, probably because the bright colours were toned down. In addition to the trains running on tracks, buses and cars traveled along the roads and the buses stopped at bus stops.

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Close-up of a train station, with passengers on the platform:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Train crossing a bridge near a factory at night:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Industrial area with trains running behind the factories:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Several trains stopped at a station:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Scene of a burning house. The orange lights were flashing and sirens were sounding.

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Control room, with lots of monitors. A couple times I saw people coming out to fix a problem on the tracks.

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

The buildings seem to have been made in Germany, judging by the signs, so most of the scenes were European.

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Tiny pipe and drum band in a village square:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

Playing with a long exposure to get a motion blur:

Model Train Exhibit, Jerusalem

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