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Sukkot Children’s March, Maale Adumim

Posted by Avital Pinnick on September 23, 2013

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

I don’t photograph many neighbourhood events these days, but I happened to be at home and I hadn’t seen the children’s march organized by the Mussar Avicha synagogue in Maale Adumim. So I hiked up the hill and took a few photos.

Before the march began, the younger kids made and decorated paper flags.

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Getting organized…. The bundle of sticks and cloth on the man’s shoulder is a chuppah (canopy) made from a tallit (prayer shawl) tied to four poles, traditionally used to cover a bride or a Torah scroll. The children carried toy Torah scrolls.

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Music provided by a drummer:

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Dancing in the Kikar Keren park. By this time it was dark and I had to use a flash. The park is lit by halogen street lamps, which looks horrid in photos.

Sukkot Children's March, 2013


Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Close to the end of the procession, at the back door of the Mussar Avicha synagogue. They turned right, went down the steps, and across the street, to finish in Rav Katz’s sukkah.

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

Rav Katz, seated at the far left, addresses the children.

Sukkot Children's March, 2013

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