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Wood and Paint

Posted by Avital Pinnick on September 16, 2013


These exquisitely turned boxes, cups, and dreidels were made by Eli Abuhatzira (below). A friend of mine took a wood-turning course with Eli. She said that she was making a nice but rather dull bowl on the lathe. Eli added a groove and enlarged a space a tiny bit and it turned the bowl into something extraordinary. I was hoping to come back to get better photos of him at work. The space was very crowded and I took these photos over people’s shoulders, under a very yellow light (probably halogen), so the colour had to be adjusted quite a lot.


It wasn’t easy getting a good focus on hands behind a dirty plexiglass screen but this shot worked.


Instrument-maker Shlomo Moyal gave an excellent lecture on how a violin is made, including the different kinds of wood that go into making a single instrument.



Hungarian furniture painter painting a chest.


I couldn’t get a good shot of his hands because he was sitting next to the wall of the kiosk.


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