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Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair 2013: Indian Woodworker, Mexican Beadwork

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 11, 2013


At first I thought this woodworker was working on leather. Then I saw that he was carving with a hammer and chisel. He’s using his toe to hold the plate-stand steady on the block. I noticed that when he was resting, he would put one leg on top of the other in a half-lotus or firelog position. He must be really flexible.


Very brave of him to hold the chisel for the boy with the hammer! I wonder how many fingernails he loses that way… 🙂


These Mexican seed bead necklaces look almost like needle-lace. I’d be afraid to wear them, because if a thread breaks, it can be quite a job repairing the piece, depending on how well anchored the threads are. Or maybe I would just hang one on a wall. They’re so beautiful! (Sigh–I know that I could make my own but I would never finish it.)



2 Responses to “Jerusalem Arts & Crafts Fair 2013: Indian Woodworker, Mexican Beadwork”

  1. rifestitch said

    I would like to learn the beading techniques needed for those necklaces – but I have no idea what I would ever do with any of the pieces like that! The Fire Mountain Gems newsletters and such all have these kinds of things in them – but do you actually wear them, or are they actually created to display? Beautiful work nonetheless!

    • Avital said

      I bought one last night! They’re for wearing. I checked it carefully first to make sure that it’s well-constructed because I don’t want to have to do a repair later on. The stitch is easy, just a simple netting stitch. There are also smaller things you can make, like more delicate bracelets, small bags, ornaments.

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