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Last of the Dublin Photos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 18, 2013


By now you’re probably glad I was only in Dublin for seven hours. Imagine if I’d been there for seven weeks! (You don’t have to imagine it. I went berserk in Italy….) Here are a few photos that didn’t fit into the rest of the “theme” postings. A guy tuning his dulcimer on Grafton Street. I’m so sorry there wasn’t time to go back to hear him play! I love the dulcimer when it’s played well.

This bleak, classical structure was the Irish Houses of Parliament, built by the English in 1729. The Irish Parliament was dissolved in 1801 and the building is now owned by the Bank of Ireland.


Side street off the Grafton Street pedestrian mall.


Sign outside a shop in Temple Bar.



It really is a curved street! A very short curved street.


Not sure what this building is but it made a cool reflection.


3 Responses to “Last of the Dublin Photos”

  1. M Adams said

    Thanks for the interesting photos you post. I live in Alabama, USA and will probably never see some of the places you photograph. I started following your blog looking at your bobbin lace videos. Looking forward to your next trip.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      I’m glad you like my photos! Wish I had more time for bobbin lace. My pillows haven’t been used in ages. 🙂

  2. rifestitch said

    I’ve enjoyed all of your Dublin photos – I would have liked to have gotten over there while I was in the UK, but in the late 80’s, when tensions were high with the IRA, travel for US service personnel was restricted in places – couldn’t get a visa to France, either, for a while, though I don’t know why now. So all of your wonderful photos are the next best thing to actually going along 🙂

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