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Temple Bar, Dublin

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 11, 2013


This woman’s blue dress and red shoes caught my eye because everyone else was wearing artsy black. I tried several shots through a group of tourists and from across the street, when I just happened to catch her looking over her shoulder, though not at me. I thought her Bohemian friends with tattoos and cigarettes were a great contrast.

Temple Bar is a restored area of shops and cultural institutions about five minutes from Trinity College. It’s also known for its thriving nightlife. We were there during the day, when the atmosphere is much more sedate. Also, it was pouring while we were walking around the neighbourhood. I would have loved to have spent more time exploring the narrow cobbled roads, but my mother-in-law was tired and wanted to buy souvenirs, so we headed for Grafton Street.

In the next photo is one of the lovely restored facades, a pub.



Wall of Fame is a building covered with musicians connected with Ireland.





It’s so hard to find a good mask and fetish store in a strange city….


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