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Dublin Castle

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 11, 2013

Dublin Castle

Our guide called Dublin Castle “the ugliest castle in Christendom.” Its architecture is rather eclectic.

The courtyards were closed because Ireland was still hosting the EU presidency when we were there. Normally the grounds are free and the royal apartments are accessible to organized tour groups. The castle dates back to 1204, the oldest part being the tower that looks like a grain silo in the center of the photo above. The neo-Gothic wing sticking out of the left side of the tower is Victorian. The right wing and most of the buildings surrounding the courtyard are Georgian.

Dublin Castle

If you walk around the corner of the castle, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed in Burano. Here’s the side of the castle, looking west, towards the gate.

Dublin Castle

And here’s a view to the east, towards the entrance of the castle.


This view of the castle isn’t too bad, if you compose the shot without the coloured bits and with the stone wall almost out of the way. I was standing in a memorial corner of Dubh Linn Gardens.

Dublin Castle

Dublin is named after Dubh Linn (“black pool”), which used to occupy the area where the present Dubh Linn Gardens are situated. It’s a quiet park, which doubles as a helicopter landing pad. The brick paths form a Celtic knot. Since the park is round, standing in the middle feels a bit like standing in the center of a crop circle.


Picturesque street near the castle. It doesn’t seem to have a name on maps but it runs parallel to Ship Street Great. Actually, it might be an access road along the back of the buildings.


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