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Karel V Hotel, Utrecht

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 7, 2013

Karel V hotel courtyard

The five-star Grand Hotel Karel V is in the center of Utrecht. The original building complex dates from the 14th century and was home to the Teutonic Knights for 450 years. Karel V (Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire) and his sister Maria of Hungary stayed there in 1546. In 1808, King Louis Napoleon forced the Teutonic order to surrender the building and it was turned into a military hospital in 1811. Between 1986 and 1999, the building was neglected. After 3.5 years of renovation, the building re-opened as a hotel (info from the folder holding my key card).

The photo above was taken in the courtyard, behind the main building. It’s quite a large complex with a spa (I didn’t have time to visit it), a couple restaurants, and a modern Roman wing.

The photo below shows the building from the front. It was a bit too wide for a wide angle (canal makes it difficult to get enough distance), so I photographed it at an angle. My room was in the former attic, at the right end of the building, just under the chimneys.

Karel V hotel

Same courtyard, from a different angle, with the Dom Tower in the background.

Karel V hotel courtyard

Hallway leading to my room. The porter said the beams are original, so I checked the joins and pegs. All hand-carved.

Karel V hotel hall

View inside the room, showing only half the room. It was quite large, with a high ceiling with beams and two triangular windows. It was too dark at night, but generally quite comfortable.

Karel V hotel

Photo in the corridor showing the original attic. My room stretches across the entire width of the building.

Karel V hotel

Room in the Roman wing. My coworker ended up in a deluxe two-level room. The bedroom (huge bed with a canopy thingie) and two marble bathrooms were downstairs.

Karel V hotel

Study upstairs, with desk, TV, couch, and a/c. Rough life!

Karel V hotel

2 Responses to “Karel V Hotel, Utrecht”

  1. It looks like they did a wonderful job with the restoration/rejuvenation – LOVE the old beams!

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