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Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 30, 2013

Canal in Utrecht

I was in Utrecht for business last week, from Monday evening until Thursday. Although I put in plenty of 12-hour work days, I did manage to take a few photos. The hotel that I chose was in the center of town, near the old section of Utrecht, with canals. The canal in the first photo was only a few blocks from the hotel.

Below is a a church roof, underexposed to show the silhouette.

Roof, Utrecht

Tile peacock decoration on a building on Neugerachte.


The Dom tower is visible from almost every place in the center of Utrecht, so I have a lot of photos of it. There was good light on the second evening.

Dom Tower of Utrecht

Love the colours of the boots and bicycle. If I hadn’t been so rushed I would have taken this shot at a lower angle. When you’re wearing business clothes it’s a lot harder to get down on the ground to take some shots.


The first morning it rained. I photographed this tulip near the large canal in front of the hotel.

Tulip in rain

One Response to “Utrecht”

  1. pam said

    I wish I had even the amount of talent you have in one little finger my friend. On a business trip with little time to wait for perfect light and no doubt much more than photography on your mind and just look at all this eye candy you managed to bring home with you!

    What a beautiful city. What you did capture has me spellbound! LOVE that you chose to silhouette the church roof to show off the detail. Perfect choice. Actually, there isn’t an image in this set I don’t love!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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