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CityPass still taking us for a ride

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 14, 2013


Remember before the Jerusalem Light Rail opened, when you could ride the length of the city on the number 18 bus? Remember how Egged discontinued all their downtown lines, because it would be so “convenient” to transfer between trains and buses? Even if you were disabled or carrying heavy groceries and had children with you? Apparently you now have to pay for the privilege. According to David Sedley’s recent blog posting, you now have to pay for the privilege. CityPass no longer honours Egged bus transfers. I wasn’t able to find any confirmation on the CityPass site, only a short page (Hebrew and English) touting the benefits of transferring to connecting lines.

2 Responses to “CityPass still taking us for a ride”

  1. Jed Baron said

    Hi Avital,

    Thank you for giving me a little snippet into the day to day workings of the Light Rail. I am currently writing a dissertation on the Light Rail for my Architecture Masters at Westminster, London and part of my investigations are into the consequences of daily travel in jerusalem for its inhabitants. This may be a tall ask but would it be possible to ask you a few questions regarding this? I completely understand if this is not possible and I do apologise for being so direct but without many contacts in the city I am finding it difficult to find the personal perspectives on the matter.

    Many Thanks


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