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Winter Storm, 2013

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 13, 2013

Winter Storm, 2013

That was quite a storm we went through last week, the worst in 20 years. It began on Monday with heavy rain and high winds. The photo above was taken just outside our building. A tree blew over behind the adjacent building.

I took a few photos when I got to work, from the dry side of the cafeteria wall.

Winter Storm, 2013

Winter Storm, 2013

The rain and wind continued, with some hail for variety. These sharp hailstones landed on an outside balcony at work. Photographed through the window.

Winter Storm, 2013

I think the hail was snow at this point. It was starting to blow around like snow, not rattling and falling like hail.

Winter Storm, 2013

They sent us home at 3 p.m.

Winter Storm, 2013

It started snowing Wednesday evening. There were no buses running on Thursday before the afternoon and our minibuses were canceled all day, so I never went to work or into Jerusalem. Here’s a photo of snowy Jersualem in the morning, taken from my kitchen window. It’s still misty at that hour. The snow stayed for a day before melting. You can see that the hills in the foreground don’t have any snow because their elevation is lower. My son took a bus into Jerusalem late Thursday night to look at the snow. I’ve seen enough snow in Canada, so I stayed home. 🙂

WInter Storm, 2013


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