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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 22, 2012

Quilter's turkey

I wish all my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving! I don’t know who did this clever illustration but it’s been circulating on blogs and Facebook. What a great table centerpiece this would be!

We had two “Red Alert” sirens in Jerusalem. During the first siren, we were at home, had just brought in Shabbat (so couldn’t check the news), and hadn’t a clue what to do. We went downstairs a couple floors, which turned out to be the right thing to do. The second time was at work. We went down the wrong staircase, trying to get to the underground parking lot, and ended up at the ground floor. But that wasn’t too bad — the staircases are internal, made of reinforced concrete, with good WiFi, and not too crowded. 🙂  Next time we’ll know what to do.

I saw this on Facebook: “Cease-fire = We cease and they fire.” Or they rest before re-arming…

The unraveled Orenburg shawl is well underway again and I’ve started the body of the shawl. The Orenburg honeycomb stole is almost finished, so I’ve cast on a Garden Path shawl in a rainbow yarn because I’m so tired of looking at white. I won’t be able to work on the Lady/Unicorn embroidery until the dust settles and we get some of the junk out of the spare room into the laundry room.

Our plumbing renovations are nearly at an end. We have water in every room that’s supposed to have water. The washing machine has been hooked up for a couple days and the pile of laundry is much diminished. Next week we hope to get the tiler in to cover the gaping holes. Honestly, we expected a lot more damage. Only one floor had to be ripped up and that has been fixed. We have to replace about 10 times in the bathroom and a couple in the kitchen. The new kitchen faucets are awesome, with a spray and pull-out hose. And expensive — they’re our 20th wedding anniversary gift to each other. Since the gift for 21st anniversary is “nickel,” we’re almost on target!


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. pam said

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. We are sitting on pins and needles here – a long way around the world from you but our hearts and thoughts are with you most every minute.

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