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The Cursed Shawl….

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 7, 2012

Hole in Orenburg Shawl

I almost finished the body of this Orenburg Square Medallion Shawl, when I saw this big hole in the edging, near the lower right corner (i.e., near the start of the shawl). It isn’t a dropped stitch. It looks like something cut or tore several threads, so I must have caught it on something.

I haven’t decided what to do — sort of wavering between tearing it out now and undoing months of work or just photographing it and going to bed. And I noticed that my camera shutter button is behaving a little strangely, so I’d better dig up that warranty just in case.

Hole in Orenburg Shawl

Update (Nov. 8): Close-up of shawl showing scale:

Hole in Orenburg Shawl


10 Responses to “The Cursed Shawl….”

  1. Before you rip it out, be sure to read (or re-read) Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer’s photo essay on repairing a Shetland shawl:

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks, Judy. That’s a very impressive hole that Jackie managed to fix! I’m looking at some of the other mistakes in it and wondering whether I want to start over because I know that I can do a much better job now. Still thinking about it!

  2. i’m just learning how to knit a lace shawl so i know how much work went into this. i would take a fine crochet hook and just ad lib in that area. unless your entering it in some kind of show, nobody will notice except you. it is beautiful.

    • Deanna, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done it many times with this shawl. That works for dropped stitches. This is an actual tear — at least 2 threads broken, which means that the ends of the new threads have to be anchored and woven in. It’s nearly impossible to do that kind of mending with cobweb-weight yarn. 😦

  3. I feel confident that with a little patience and your smarts and skill, you will be able to fix this, and do a fine job. Might take a couple of crochet hooks, who knows?

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks, Aimée. I’ve done a lot of knitted lace repairs over the years and I could fix it, but I’m not sure I can live with the other mistakes. The diamond is slightly off-center.

  4. Debbie M said

    Too much work in there already to take it out! How about threading two embroidery needles with the yarn and trying to fill up the space with some sewing to duplicate the stitching. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Nobody will notice.

    • I noticed some other mistakes when I spread it out. Not enough for anyone else to notice but they bother me a bit. I’m still debating whether to take it out. I don’t care all that much about the work involved because this shawl has been ripped back before…. And I’m not sure I could hide a patch once the thing is stretched and blocked!

  5. Donna said

    I would make a life line all around (using an over the neck or some other good magnifyer, and start at the middle center – it looks to me like all of your yarn overs are intact – short row the garter stitch, do the center doodad and then graft to the opposite side. I think it will totally GLIDE if you have adequate magnification –

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