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Porcelain Museum, Boboli Gardens, Florence

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 22, 2012

Boboli Gardens, Florence

The Porcelain Museum, which houses porcelain from some of Europe’s best-known manufacturers (for example, Sèvres and Meissen), was moved to its present location, the Casino del Cavaliere, in 1973. Before the move the collection was part of the Treasury Museum in the main building of the Pitti Palace. Some pieces were gifts from European leaders to Florentine rulers while others were commissioned by the Grand Dukes of Florence. The Casino building was originally built as a retreat for one of the Grand Dukes and is located at the top of the hill, close to the wall surrounding the Boboli Gardens.

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Francois Gerard’s portrait of Napoleon, who used the palace as his base in the late 18th century, in his coronation robes:

Boboli Gardens, Florence

The photo below shows the original 13th century wall of the City of Florence. Most of the wall was destroyed in the 19th century. The only remnants are here and by Porte San Miniato. The area is surprisingly rural, with olive groves and fruit trees.

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Boboli Gardens, Florence


One Response to “Porcelain Museum, Boboli Gardens, Florence”

  1. ella marie said

    I’ve never seen a porcelain museum. This is incredibly awesome especially the touch of some blue and white ceramics. I think they all belong to a royal family and that it has been pass on through generations to generation.

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