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Inside the Pitti Palace, Florence

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 7, 2012

Pitti Palace, Florence

I love these painted ceilings. These are mainly photos inside the Pitti Palace, but not inside the major galleries (too many guards…). Some are old and some are new. These date mainly between 1600 and 1900.

Pitti Palace, Florence

Pitti Palace, Florence

Pitti Palace, Florence

Pitti Palace, Florence

Pitti Palace, Florence

Pitti Palace, Florence

The photo below shows an exhibit in the Costume Gallery. The Costume Gallery site has more photos, including this exhibit case (the colour balance is more accurate in my photo).

Pitti Palace, Florence

This dimly lit room houses the burial garments of Duke Cosimo de Medici, his wife Eleonora of Toledo, and her son Don Garzia. It’s a fascinating display of 16th century garments and undergarments. Besides the Costume Gallery, we visited the Medici Treasury (Museo degli Argenti) but it was too closely guarded to photograph. 🙂

Pitti Palace, Florence

2 Responses to “Inside the Pitti Palace, Florence”

  1. pam said

    OK – I am beginning to think it is a miracle you made it home from italy in one piece and didn’t stumble over a bench or fall off a dock or run into a pillar or trip over a pew….. You MUSY have had your camera up to you eye every breathing minute you were there!

    These detail shots are stunning. I am probably overusing that word when viewing your images but I don’t have one that works better!

    • Avital Pinnick said

      By the end of the trip I think my husband would have happily pushed me over a pew, hoping for a broken camera! 🙂

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