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NDS Goes Out With a Bang

Posted by Avital Pinnick on September 23, 2012

Flash Mob

Flash mob, drummers, five songs from the Live@NDS band — all the stops were pulled out at the final NDS Annual Company Meeting at Binyanei haUma a couple weeks ago.

This year I was asked to photograph the flash mob rehearsals, create a presentation, and make a video recording of the band at the meeting itself. I had no idea that the band’s performance would be 25 minutes long. It’s a good thing I took a tripod! But that seriously limited my mobility because the room was so crowded.

Martine’s solo at the beginning of the flash mob (“Glad you came”) was unforgettable. I was lucky to get a clear photo in these conditions from the back of the room.

Flash Mob

The rest of the photos were hit-and-miss. The fast movement and erratic purple and blue lights and spotlights made it very difficult to get clear shots.

Flash Mob

Flash Mob

The best way to get a sense of it is to watch the short video I made:

Here’s the dress rehearsal. I chose this angle because I didn’t fancy trying to get 200 model releases….

Flash Mob Rehearsal

A professional drum ensemble performed:


They were followed by NDS drummers, one for each year of NDS, chosen by the year that they started with the company:


At the end of the performance the drummers came forward in groups and turned around so that their year was displayed (one of my office mates said, “1988? That was before I was born!”):


Here’s the drumming video:

The Live@NDS band was brilliant and their touching rendition of Auld Lang Syne received a standing ovation. Someone on Facebook said, “Not a dry eye in the room!,” which pretty much sums it up. I uploaded a video but  was asked to take it down, so you’ll have to use your imagination….

3 Responses to “NDS Goes Out With a Bang”

  1. Debbie said

    Fun! Wish we could see the whole video.

    But, huh? What do you mean by final meeting? and Out with a bang?

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