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Hutzot HaYotzer 2012 (Arts & Crafts Fair) – Israeli Pavilion

Posted by Avital Pinnick on September 6, 2012


I just realised that I never posted the photos I took at the pavilion of Israeli artists at Hutzot HaYotzer (International Arts & Crafts Fair held every August in Jerusalem). The handbags above are made from plastic wrappers that have been cut into oblongs, folded into continuous chains, and eventually stitched together to make fairly durable bags. These colourful bags are made by Natella. I’ve been working on one at home for ages (here’s a good tutorial). Maybe I should take a hint from Natella and either use bigger pieces or make smaller bags! I’m sure I have enough chains to make at least a glasses case and my family would appreciate not seeing bits of plastic around the house.

Am I the only one who finds miniature food irresistible? Apparently not! These beautifully detailed pieces are by Sweet Art Miniatures.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Unfortunately, I don’t think I recorded the name of the artist who made this lovely chuppah wedding card from cut paper. They were priced so reasonably that they must be laser-cut, not hand-cut.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Lampshades and hearts made from ribbon.


Lighting fixtures with doilies


Mira Raman’s unmistakable acrylic paintings.

Mira Raman

Ceramic dishes that look like lettuce leaves. These were on a windowsill in the Bezalel Art School pavilion. I didn’t see anything that I was interested in buying but these dishes were fun to photograph.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

5 Responses to “Hutzot HaYotzer 2012 (Arts & Crafts Fair) – Israeli Pavilion”

  1. Judy said

    I’d love to see a photo of your wrapper work in progress, if you have a chance – in fact, I’d love to see some shots and a post just about what stuff you’re in the midst of – and I don’t care how long it’s been since you touched any of them! : ))

    • Ack! I have so many abandoned projects it’s embarrassing…. 🙂

      • Judy said

        We no longer use that term, “abandoned”, don’t you know? Acceptable terms are “in waiting”, “in a maturing phase” and “still in the aging process”. It has been determined that the word “abandoned” leads craft projects that are not currently being worked on to develop resentment and low self esteem, in a recent report by the GIATT Association (GIATT – great ideas at the time)…. : ))

  2. pam said

    Oh I am so glad you did not forget entirely! Loved al the creativity and color in this group.

    Tried to leave a comment of the previous post but it failed. Hope this one gets through.

  3. Please check out Sweet art miniature’s store on Etsy!

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