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Video: Hutzot haYotzer 2012, Tav Cafe

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 26, 2012

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

“Tav” means a compartment or cubicle. The Tav Café is literally a cube surrounded on all sides by stages, with a band in one corner, on the second level. I had a seat at the edge, in a corner, so that’s why the angle is the same for all photos and the video. If I’d gotten up to move around someone else would have snagged my seat.

The aerial acrobat in the photo above was less than ten feet above me. I’ve photographed aerial acts before but this is the first time I’ve had to use the wide end of my telephoto! Trying to shoot someone  moving very fast in the dark is always a challenge. I have to crank up the ISO and resign myself to the fact that the photo isn’t going to be tack sharp, although this shot didn’t turn out too badly. Her face is reasonably sharp, even if the angle is a little unflattering (nostrils are rarely a girl’s best feature). Her right leg is sharp, with only a little motion blur in the left leg and the rope. This was cropped so that she would stand out better against the black sky and because I shot with a very wide angle while she was moving around, so that I would have a chance of getting her framed without cutting off a foot.

The performances are a mixture of dance, acting, acrobatics, outlandish costumes. Since this is the second year that I’ve watched the performance I’ve been able to identify some of the regulars. You really need to watch the video to get a sense of the performance, though. One tip: seats are limited and the “real” performance starts after dark (8:10 this year), so grab a seat early. If you’re with kids they might get a bit restless waiting for half an hour. You can sit on the outside for free but the table seats are for people ordering food and drinks.

This talented woman sings, acts, and plays the guitar.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

I’m wondering whether this glass ball juggler was the same guy I photographed at Balabasta last year, with a shorter haircut. Here’s a better shot of his face. Or maybe balancing glass balls on the back of one’s hands is a trend. In the video a musician with a bowed instrument is accompanying him. I think I’ve identified the instrument. It appears to be a Swedish nyckelharpa. (Here’s a link to a video of a solo nyckelharpa played by a master. One of the reasons I like blogging is because it gives me an excuse to look up info on new instruments, objects, artwork, etc.)

Glass Ball Juggler

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Tower of nested plastic water bottles balanced on the chin.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

One Response to “Video: Hutzot haYotzer 2012, Tav Cafe”

  1. Judy said

    And one reason I like it when you blog is that I learn SO much and get such a beautiful view of everything. Special thanks for the nyckelharpa – I could NOT figure out what that instrument was!

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