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Hutzot haYotzer – International Arts & Crafts Fair

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 24, 2012

Corn Dolls

These photos are from the International Pavilion at this year’s Hutzot haYotzer/International Arts & Crafts Fair, held Aug. 6-18, 2012. These colourful corn dolls are from Mexico. They’re made from brightly dyed husks of ears of corn and tied together (the piece of paper says “tiras,” the Hebrew word for corn; I’m glad someone wrote it in English to clarify matters 🙂 ). These are the most exuberant examples of corn dolls I’ve ever seen. The same booth had boxes covered with coloured string, also from Mexico. Although the process is a bit messy, this would be a nice recycling project for kids.


This year I went twice to Hutzot haYotzer — once with a friend whose husband wasn’t interested in attending (Baruch had just returned from abroad) and the second time with Baruch. Both evenings I spent more time at performances than at the crafts stalls. For the first time I found the crafts a bit disappointing. I always head for the International Pavilion first. This year there seemed to be fewer folk arts and more “designer” crafts (the vivid foam rubber animals from Argentina were cute but not what I was looking for).

There were also fewer artists from abroad. In the Romanian booth a couple women were embroidering and decorating eggs (they were painting directly on the egg, not making resist-dyed pysanky like the ones on the towel, but pysanka-making isn’t a very portable craft).


The bread underneath the towel is an elaborately braided heart. I’m not sure what it’s significance is. Wedding bread?

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Young woman playing pan pipes. I was pleased with how this portrait shot turned out, considering how quickly it was taken. She had turned her face to a 3/4 angle and was looking up and the microphone wasn’t in front of her. Also, I think that most musicians, especially wind and brass players, look better when they’re posing with their instrument than when playing.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Chinese calligraphers

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Molas (fairly good quality — fine stitching and neatly worked) cut up and made into absurd little boots and shoes.

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Woman at the Ghana booth. Not a great photo of her but the best one I could get of her wonderful dress.


The dancers were quite good but the stage was almost inaccessible because of the crowds and staircase along one side. And whose bright idea was it to put enormous speakers at the same level as the stage, on the left front corner?

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

Hutzot haYotzer 2012 (Jerusalem International Arts  Crafts Fair)

3 Responses to “Hutzot haYotzer – International Arts & Crafts Fair”

  1. Your photography is a delight to the eye. I love looking at your pictures. So vibrant and you capture so much. Thanks for sharing. Best, Shari

  2. pam said

    I am so glad i made time today to get a little caught up on my blog visits. What a treat! You know how much i enjoyed the fair with you last year! How fortunate you are to have access to this collection of artists and craftsmen and women.

    I have never before seen the corn husk dolls in color! The work and detail – amazing. Loved seeing the Pysanski of course and the Molas although i totally agree with your word – absurd. The image of the woman from Ghana is beautiful – natural.

    Thank you my friend. Big smile on my face!

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