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Video: Balabasta 2012

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 22, 2012

Although I love taking photos, video does a better job of capturing music, not too surprisingly. I made a short video of some of the performances we saw that night. It’s a bit tricky recording without something stable like a tripod because of the crowds. That’s why it’s a bit shaky in some frames.

“Balabasta”, the name of the festival, is a play on words. It literally means “Come to the market stall” (“ba la-basta”) but it also sounds like the Yiddish word for “housewife” (balabusta).

I edited the clips with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. I’m still learning, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. It definitely makes editing a lot faster and provides more control.

2 Responses to “Video: Balabasta 2012”

  1. pam said

    I am glad you made the effort to capture these in video. I loved hearing the different instruments and beats.

  2. […] auch ein Youtube habe ich darueber gefunden vom letzten Jahr und von diesem Jahr […]

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