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Murano, Island of Glass

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 8, 2012

Glass flowers, Murano

Murano, although thought of as an island in the Venetian lagoon, is actually a string of islands joined by bridges. Today it is best known for its glass-making. If you’re going to be in Venice for a few days, it’s worth a trip.

The photos above and below are planter boxes filled with glass flowers.

Glass flowers, Murano



Window, Murano

Glass Sculptures, Murano

Glass Sculptures, Murano

The Santa Maria e San Donato Cathedral is one of the oldest in the area. Parts of the building date back to the seventh century. Saint Donato of Arrezo, the patron saint of the church, was a fourth century martyr. I’m sorry we didn’t think to go inside because we missed the dragon bones! Yes, there are four large bones hung on wires behind the altar, the ribs of a dragon that the saint killed by spitting. Apparently the bones are too large to be those of cattle. Here’s a photo from the blog of an English Catholic priest.

Santa Maria and San Donato Cathedral, Murano

Of course I always have to photograph a few doors and walls…

Blue Door, Murano

Most of the Murano Museum of Glass was closed for renovations when we were there last month but a few rooms were open. Below is a photo of an amazing 19th century miniature garden made entirely of glass. It was commissioned by one of the doges as a dining table centerpiece and covers an area about the size of a ping-pong table.

19th Century Glass Centerpiece, Murano

Below is a smaller glass centerpiece, of a similar date.

19th Century Glass Centerpiece, Murano

We stopped at Vetreria Rossetto Estevan to watch a lamp-working demonstration. A glass artist carefully teased a molten lump of glass into a graceful horse, reheating the glass when it cooled, to soften it. I found something funny when I did a Google search on this vetreria and found some photos on Flickr taken three years ago — different artist, same glass horses!

Glass Demonstration, Murano

Glass Demonstration, Murano

Glass Demonstration, Murano

Glass Demonstration, Murano

Glass Demonstration, Murano


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