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Artsy South Shore of the Thames

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 5, 2012

London Eye and South Shore

The north side of the Thames has most of the London landmarks: Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Big Ben, Tower of London — just about everything but the London Eye. The south side feels much more artsy, with cafes, poetry, and art installations. Here are a few random photos from the south shore around Waterloo station. I took these on my last night in London. The photo above was taken from Westminster Bridge.

The photo below includes a new branch of Foyles, where I picked up a new London A-Z (when I was with my sister). On the train to Waterloo I realised that I hadn’t brought a single map of central London. Felt a little better when I noticed that a map of central London was posted in just about every square and intersection outside Waterloo Station, so there wasn’t much chance of my getting lost.

South Bank, Thames

South Bank, Thames

Poetry alley:


Street piano with plastic laminated music. It says “Play me. I’m yours.”


Pillars decorated with green colanders:


Alphabet blocks

This seemed to be some kind of drama workshop. When I walked past this group the first time, they were all sighing in unison. I took this photo while they were all laughing.

Drama Workshop

London Literature Festival (no Israeli authors, I noticed).


Fishy lamppost near the aquarium:

Lamp Post, South Shore, London

Restaurant above street level, possibly in an old railway arch (should have taken a context photo for reference):


Sculpture outside Royal Festival Hall:


This wraps up the photos I took during the four-day course in Staines. On the flight back I caught one of the most aggressive rhinoviruses I have every encountered. I boarded the plane feeling healthy and disembarked with a headache, congestion, and sore throat. A week later I’m still not able to go to work. About the only good things I can say about the past week are that I got some knitting done (no strength to do anything else) and I’ve lost weight.


2 Responses to “Artsy South Shore of the Thames”

  1. pam said

    I do hope you get better soon. What a lousy break to get so sick after an obviously wonderful trip!

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